Duty Roster

Little Athletics is run by volunteers and would not be able to run without the help of all parents.

For Eastfield-Studfield, each family is expected to do ‘Duty’ at least once every two to three weeks. This may vary depending on the number of families at our club. Families are given an opportunity to select their preferred dates at the start of the season. A duty roster is prepared  and provided to families to ensure they know when they are rostered on.

When you are on duty, you choose one event and stay on that one event for the meet (that day). Duty may include marshalling of athletes, recording and distributing athlete performance information, re-setting event equipment.

Our club is also responsible for  an event – where the club supplies a volunteer ‘Chief Official’ to run the event on the day. For information about events, see ‘How to help at little aths‘. If anyone is willing to be a ‘Chief’ Official’ please contact us at fields@klac23.org.au

When on duty, please ensure you arrive early and sign-in by 8:15am on Saturdays and 2:45pm at Sunday twilight meets with the Duty Officer near the canteen.

If you are not available for duty on your allocated day, please try to contact another family to see if you can swap with one of their days. If you need assistance, please contact us at fields@klac23.org.au ASAP so coverage can be arranged.